Polaryis is the Next Gen Data Tool for Educators

Scott Barron
Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 23, 2018 9:56:38 AM
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ReContext has developed a data analysis tool (Polarys) for school administrators that demystifies the process of using student assessment and demographic factors to compare school performance within context. That's been a missing piece for far too long, which is why we're so enthusiastic about Polarys and the difference it can make for educators who need to develop context-specific school improvement solutions.

David Adler and Mary Westervelt are the creators of Polarys. I recently had the opportunity to interview them to learn more about the inspiration for designing such a powerful data analytics tool for educators.



Having worked in ed tech for over 25 years, I've never seen a data analytics tool like Polarys. It provides a remarkable pathway to compare context-aligned schools to determine where success is being achieved and fosters collaboration among educational leaders. That just makes sense!

ReContext-LogoIf you're responsible for leading school improvement, you definitely want to learn more about Polarys.

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