Summertime Gladness

Scott Barron
Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 11, 2021 1:03:11 PM
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SG Summertime GladnessI got that summertime, summertime gladness 

Su-su-summertime, summertime gladness 

Got that summertime, summertime gladness 

Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

The summertime gladness of educators is extremely joyful this year, but also mixed with a curiosity about what's next. What questions will you pursue this summer to grow and achieve excellence? Start with these...

Have school administrators and faculty ever longed for summer break more than in 2021? Summertime gladness is pervasive on every campus.

We need some downtime--a reprieve from the intensity of the last several months. 

As a wise, courageous educator, though, you know that summertime isn't a few months of vacation. It's actually when the critical work is done to:

  • Improve the facilities and create key "wow factors"
  • Recruit new faculty and families 
  • Clarify the core values, habits, and goals
  • Renew the unity and focus of the board and administration

We all need some rest, but that has to be balanced with the window of opportunity we have now to improve the authenticity and beauty of the learning experiences we will intentionally create in the future. 

Excellent Schools ask Excellent Questions

The good news is that you don't have to have all the answers to be a great leader and grow.

As a matter of fact, excellent schools have boards and administrators that ask excellent questions because they understand the powerful impact of involving others in leadership curiosity and engaging them in the journey of discovery.

Too many are wary of this approach--they are uncomfortable with being perceived as vulnerable and needing the contribution and support of others. Don't let pride and overconfidence get in the way of achieving your goals.

Asking excellent questions is where great leadership begins!

You will build stronger relationships with your people and create a healthier culture that more effectively solves problems and sparks that elusive growth mindset. Below are some excellent questions to consider:

1. How can we increase our Talent Quotient to advance faculty quality and engagement?

2. How can we elevate our school culture for greater unity and joy, getting everyone on the same page and eliminating dysfunction?

3. What professional growth will be expected of our board and employees to increase alignment with our culture and priorities (e.g., enrollment, fundraising, communication, etc.)?

4. What executive coaching and support will be provided to the head of school and other administrators to facilitate their well-being and growth?

5. How can we build stronger engagement with our target community of families, deepening our knowledge of them and their needs?


Excellent Leaders ask excellent questions during breaks in the school year. Using questions like these they achieve greater joy and growth because they are able to anticipate new competitive threats, take advantage of emerging opportunities, and create a higher-performing team.

They cultivate a joyful organization that produces a profound impact on the lives of everyone who comes in contact with it.

What excellent questions will you be asking this summer to create gladness? Why not start your Growth Plan now?


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