FAQ: Who Should be a Parent Ambassador?

Scott Barron
Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 9, 2021 12:23:24 PM
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Who Parent AmbassadorWho should be recruited to serve as a Parent Ambassador? That is a frequently asked question as enrollment directors are implementing or improving their efforts to involve parents in the student recruiting process. 

Here are three criteria to help you build a productive team of parent ambassadors. Brennan Stark from PeerPal joined me and Tammy for a conversation about how to choose parent ambassadors that will most effectively contribute to your success. 


1. Parents who have Discretion & Wisdom

People who understand the consequences of their actions and words are vital to your ambassador program. They know how to prudently avoid damaging situations, and constructively support a healthy school culture.

Those with wisdom and discretion know what attitudes, words, and actions contribute to the good of the school and reliably act accordingly. They demonstrate good judgment and don't cause embarrassing moments that harm relationships and require damage control. 

2. Parents who are Raving Fans

Of course you want your ambassadors to be loyal and enthusiastic advocates who willingly tell the story of the school. They believe your school is the best and they love to share their joy with others--even complete strangers. They’re the parents who comment positively on your social media posts, respond to your emails, and engage in the community.

3. Parents who are Inclusive (not exclusive)

Parent Ambassadors need to be the kind of people who invite new relationships and are capable connectors. At enrollment events the ambassadors should prioritize conversations with visitors, strictly limiting time spent with those who are already friends. Those with the gift of hospitality are especially valuable ambassadors. 


For more information about PeerPal's tool for connecting prospective families with your parent ambassadors, visit

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