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School Growth  Web Launch

Designing and Launching Our New Website

School Growth  Web Launch

The new was launched last month. Using an intentional storytelling and branding approach, we designed these pages to reflect who we are as a company and why we do what we do.  Our core values aren't just published on the site--they serve as the framework for every page. 

Our team used specific guidelines to shape the design, and you may find these helpful as you consider the next iteration of your website and/or marketing strategy.

Be Clear

Our motivating belief is that talented, engaged, energized educators change the world. That's why we grow schools and the people who have the courage to lead them.

Schools are the institutions or platforms in which teachers have the best opportunity to connect with, inspire, and especially love students. So our strategy is to provide the resources and services to grow the quality, sustainability, and effectiveness of schools in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

The structure and text of our new website was designed to be clear and straightforward. We've used illustrations and pictures that support our value proposition: We guarantee to help educators find a path through the obstacles that are keeping their schools from growing. 

Create Remarkable Value

The growth engine of a school has three core components: 

  1. Leadership Capacity
  2. Organizational Health
  3. Continuous Improvement

So over the last decade we've created a leadership development process that utilizes best practices from across the full spectrum of PK-12 education and entrepreneurial fields. Our organizational audits, professional development, and consulting services create a Blue Ocean strategic advantage that leverages our strengths to create remarkable value for those who have the courage to lead and grow schools. 

On this site we share free downloadable infographics, videos, articles, and other tools to equip administrators, board leaders, and other school leaders to build stronger relationships and to grow. Each resource is designed to provide proven solutions based on best practices that we've gleaned from educators across the globe.

Call to Action

Start Your Growth Plan.  We use this consistent call-to-action throughout the site and in our other marketing media. It's clear and concise.

Each school has it's own opportunities and challenges, so we designed a data-driven process for accurately understanding who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. Then we create a customized path to progressively advance as a learning organization that delivers on its promises.

A well designed Growth Plan must be aligned with and specific to the Context of each school, which includes the:

     - Mission - History
     - Community - Story
     - Target Market - Value Proposition
     - Core Values - Vision
     - Leadership  - Learning Spaces


The Growth Plan will also include both tactical (shorter term) and strategic (longer term) priorities, commitments, and deadlines focused on improving and tuning the school's growth engine.

As you consider options to improve your marketing strategies, first get clarity on your story and your call-to-action. Second, don't rush the process--it will probably take much longer than you think. Finally, tap into the expertise of people who know how to create a branding and engagement strategy for schools. Hopefully these guidelines will help you Start Your Growth Plan.

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