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SG Energize Your Base

Energize Your Base to Maximize Summer Enrollment

SG Energize Your Base

We've received such enthusiastic feedback from the webinar series: Maximize Summer Enrollment. 

- "Your [webinar] presentation was both inspirational and hopeful... which is what is needed at this time of year with a few empty spaces to fill and 'shut down' summer rapidly approaching." 

- "It was easy to follow and clear. The on-boarding piece resonated with me as well as the importance of customer service." 

- "Loved the 'Energize the Base' tasks! putting that into motion now!" 

- "The ideas for Energizing Your Base were very practical, and I plan to begin implementing some of these as the school year comes to a close." 


Equipping board members, faculty, and parents to "mobilize the masses" is a key part of driving enrollment throughout the year and especially during the summer months. Give them admissions materials and provide enough training to help them feel comfortable introducing the school.

Then be sure to share regular updates with them about the admissions process and opportunities to serve.

Developing a well-run parent ambassador program is an especially powerful way to increase participation and build engagement. 

By energizing your base, you could receive exponentially more referral inquiries--the most valuable admissions leads. That's how you Maximize Summer Enrollment


Start Your Growth Plan

Not only can you implement strategies to increase enrollment over the summer, but you can also plan a Leadership Retreat in the next few months to assess the organizational health of the school and to develop a plan to produce momentum within 90 days.

During this time away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running the school, the board and administration can build stronger relationships and set better goals. This experience can inject fresh energy and direction to grow enrollment, quality, and sustainability.

We thoroughly love growing schools and the people who have the courage to lead them, and receiving such enthusiastic feedback from enrollment directors and administrators across the country about the current webinar series has been very energizing for our team.

If you haven't already enrolled, you still can do so and you will have access to all of the previously recorded sessions.

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