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A School Growth Strategic Plan is distinctive because the end result is much more than a strategic plan with a list of goals that often becomes a “shelf document.” What you really want is to transform your school into a Learning Organization that listens more, serves better, and achieves sustainable excellence. 

Whether you want to grow enrollment, the overall quality of services, the effectiveness of your leadership, or all of the above, we can help you achieve your goals.

That process begins with a data-driven plan that is context-specific and relationship-focused. Your school is unique, with a very specific organizational genius. The schools that are growing have discovered their strengths and crafted a plan that leverages them for greater unity and joy.

We will guide you through each stage of a Growth Plan that includes professional development, disciplined execution, and collaborative innovation.

An organizationally healthy school will always outgrow its competitors

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School Growth Planning

A cohesive plan to grow all aspects of your organization
SG Growth Plan Process

Strategic Growth

Your school is unique, so you want a data-driven strategic plan that elegantly builds on your strengths for competitive advantage and authentic excellence
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Enrollment Growth

Let's create an Enrollment Growth Plan that engages mission-aligned students and produces the revenue required for sustainable excellence
SG Talent Planning


Achieve authentic excellence through a talent strategy that creates a "living curriculum" that is unified in working toward one mission together
SG Communications Planning


Strengthen your complex ecosystem of relationships through disciplined and productive communication, marketing, and public relations
SG Organizational Planning


Optimize the structure and cohesiveness of leadership, teachers, and staff, creating the best conditions for learning, teamwork, and growth
SG Data Planning

Data Intelligence

Our framework for school data strategies enables accurate anticipation of opportunities and threats while also elevating executive presence

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