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No decision of your board has greater impact than the recruitment and hiring of a new head of school, principal, or administrator. Good News: You have some great options to consider as you determine how to navigate this journey with the highest likelihood of success.

Contracting with a retained search firm is an excellent option for some, giving the freedom to outsource the process and significant work involved. (Below we provide a links to search firms that we recommend.) Using such a service can reduce the workload of the board, but does require deep engagement at certain points to ensure clarity, accuracy, and commitment.

Schools with a strong mission, especially one that is faith-driven, should be very selective about the screening techniques used to attract and evaluate applicants.

For those committed to a self-managed search, we offer a unique hybrid option through our Executive Search Coaching. This gives you access to a proven process and critical tools to successfully find the best leader for your specific organization. And, through our unique training, you will build stronger relationships and a healthier organization!


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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
John F. Kennedy

Leadership Happens in the Transitions


Create a search plan that wisely uses the right data, tools, and resources for the best results


Professionally execute your search, avoiding the pitfalls that disrupt and cause failure


Attract more qualified applicants while sustaining crucial relationships with stakeholders


Utilize proven interview and selection methods that ensure the best leader is hired

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