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Scott Barron
Posted by Scott Barron on Oct 29, 2018 12:53:24 PM
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Finger on the GlobeWe grow schools and the people who have the courage to lead them. That mission requires a travel schedule that is sometimes rough on the body but it’s worth it because of the privilege we have to guide administrators, board leaders, and faculty to a joyful path forward.

October - December is usually extremely busy for us with Leadership Retreats, Strategic Planning, and Conference events. Our current schedule has us in the following cities before the end of 2018:

  • Indianapolis: INPEA Conference, “How Healthy Is Your School?” (Oct 29)
  • Philadelphia: PAISBOA, “School Organizational Health Day” (Nov. 1)
  • Memphis: TAIS Conference, Strategies to Build Enrollment and Engagement (Nov. 4)
  • Monterrey Bay: Leadership Retreat
  • Ocala: Leadership Retreat
  • Spartanburg: Strategic Planning
  • Destin: Workshop, “Communication Habits to Build Trust & Engagement
  • Baton Rouge: School Improvement Planning
  • Atlanta: Strategic Planning
  • Chicago: Strategic Planning, Leadership Retreat
  • Nashville: Leadership Coaching
  • San Antonio: Strategic Planning

Would you be interested in connecting with us while we’re in your area?

If so, send an email to or call (855) 444-7698


Texas Board Leadership Retreat

Last week I was honored to be back on the campus of Southwest Christian School in Fort Worth, to lead a retreat for the Board of Trustees. This was a chance to reconnect with some old friends while also equipping their leadership with new tools to advance Organizational Health and for more effective strategic planning.

We revisited the Four Stages of Board Development, which has become a core part of their board orientation curriculum, and explored the advantages of growing as a learning organization—which starts with a focused commitment from the board.

Even though it was a beautiful Friday afternoon with Homecoming festivities a few hours away, they were a very engaged group with great questions and interactive conversation. With the short-term, tactical goals that were identified, their board is well-prepared to grow in 2019.

Are You Ready to Start Your Growth Plan?

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