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School Growth Talent Lab

The personnel decisions made by school administrators impact students for the rest of their lives. Your faculty selections also effect the quality of your school and of your own life. It's easy to say that people are the greatest asset in the school, but how good is your team? Have you taken an honest look at your hiring and performance evaluation processes to face the brutal facts

sf_workshop.jpgIn the School Growth Talent Lab, you will participate in a thorough assessment of your faculty quality and culture in order to create clarity around your collective expectations and goals.

Who Should Attend:

Administrators of the school, including the chief administrator, CFO/business manager, HR, Principals, Admission Director, Development Director, and any supervising leader. 

Learning Objectives:

- Assessment of current faculty and culture
- Common language and understanding regarding performance expectations
- Understand best practices for talent recruiting and development
- Produce a Faculty Rubric for hiring and evaluation
- Determine the current Talent Quotient (TQ) for the organization


This content of the Talent Lab requires a full day of instruction and planning. We generally run 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with a working lunch. This is intensive personnel strategy training that will transform your leadership results.

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