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Educators Convention 2023

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Love’em & Lead’em: Elevating School Culture to Grow

A healthy, highly engaged school culture is perhaps the most powerful strategic advantage for education leaders–and is a source of greater joy in this work. But culture is easier to feel than to measure. The values and beliefs that are expressed as important may not be reflected in what faculty and families actually experience. Culture is less about making people happy and more about progressively building a team of talented, energized, and engaged educators who are united in purpose and behavior and then effectively solving hard problems together.

How do we develop the leadership habits that most contribute to an authentic and sustainable culture? In this workshop, we will explore the 12 Disciplines of Excellent School Leadership to clarify the perspectives and practices that reliably enable us to love and lead educators more effectively and cultivate a healthy, vibrant organization.

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Enrollment leadership and management involves discipline that must be mastered by every school leadership. They must address some critical questions: Who are we? Where are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? This session will explore how to develop a comprehensive approach to enrollment growth that produces the best results.

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Scott E Barron Headshot Round

Scott Barron Founder & Chief Reinvention Officer, School Growth LLC

Scott is an educator, entrepreneur, and author who is recognized as a leading voice advocating for and encouraging educators in their calling and in their faith. He serves as the Chief Reinvention Officer of School Growth LLC ( and the Executive Director of Educators Fellowship ( Scott earned his M.Ed from Johns Hopkins University, along with a B.A. in Religion and a B.S. in Computer Science from Mars Hill University. He serves on the National Advisory Council for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and recently published the acclaimed book, Love’em and Lead’em: Encouragement and Inspiration for Educators. Scott's combination of experience as a school head, business leader, EdTech advisor, college instructor, author, and executive coach gives him a unique perspective and valuable wisdom that is utilized by organizations around the world.




Tammy Barron President, School Growth LLC

Tammy has a multifaceted background that reflects her broad range of expertise. Following her studies in chemical engineering and journalism, she completed an interdisciplinary degree program and began her career in education. She has a distinct passion for learning, teaching, and improving. After serving as a teacher at multiple levels for ten years, Tammy took on the challenge of building the brand and enrollment for a large private school. She developed the processes for growth, built a high performing team, coordinated marketing plans, refined the brand, and achieved the multimillion dollar revenue goals every year. Operational excellence and data intelligence are the two primary contributions Tammy makes to the School Growth team. She is uniquely talented at defining and executing optimal workflows, anticipating the needs of clients, giving direction and feedback, and extracting key decision points from the databases that we are constantly building and curating.