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Talent & Team Audit

The personnel decisions made by school administrators impact students for the rest of their lives. Your faculty selections also effect the quality of your school and of your own life. It's easy to say that people are the greatest asset in the school, but how good is your team? Have you taken an honest look at your hiring and performance evaluation processes to face the brutal facts



You are at a critical juncture, where upcoming personnel decisions and organizational restructuring will have a significant short- and long-term impact on the school. Now is the ideal time to conduct a Talent and Team Audit, which is a systematic review that seeks to measure, align and develop personnel quality against current and future organizational needs, generating rich, detailed data on leadership capacity and effectiveness.


The Talent & Team Audit addresses some very important questions:

  • What is the best structure for the administrative leadership to maximize performance?
  • How can the organization be re-structured to leverage the strengths of the executive leadership, 
  • What elements of talent are most needed and desired within the context of your specific school?
  • How can future hiring decisions be improved based on historical HR data?
  • What is the ratio of high performing employees to non-hire performing (TQ)?
  • How should job descriptions and performance expectations be updated to increase accuracy and reduce liability?

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Who Should Attend:

Administrators of the school, including the head of school/superintendent/etc., CFO/business manager, HR Director, Principal, Admission/Enrollment Director, Development Director, and any other supervising leader. 

Learning Objectives:

- Assessment of current faculty and culture
- Common language and understanding regarding performance expectations
- Understand best practices for talent recruiting and development
- Produce a Performance Rubric for hiring and evaluation
- Determine the current Talent Quotient (TQ) for the organization


A Talent & Team Audit requires one to two days of assessment and research. The schedule is tailored to each school. This is intensive personnel strategy that will transform your leadership results and capacity to grow.

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