Virginia Association of Independent Schools
Advancement Institute


Year-Round Enrollment Leadership: Developing the disciplines that enable sustained growth

Tammy Barron will provide a month-by-month enrollment leadership strategy that can be used by the entire leadership team to increase clarity and results. Enrollment is a “team sport” that requires participation by every employee of the school. This session will provide practical guidance regarding strategies for data management, communication, progressive prospect engagement, professional development, and continuous improvement.

Tammy Barron, President, School Growth


The Laws of the Grapevine:
Developing the disciplines that enable sustained growth

Communication habits are the single most important predictor of a leader's success, and the best leaders understand that HOW you communicate trumps WHAT you communicate. The Laws of the Grapevine provide practical techniques that will have an immediate impact on your communication habits and how you are perceived by faculty, staff, parents, donors, and your entire ecosystem. Great leaders are great communicators, and we need both in our schools. In this session, Scott Barron will share ways to build trust and engagement in both your personal and professional life.

Scott Barron, Chief Reinvention Officer of School Growth