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Wisdom from Experienced Teachers: Communication is Critical

care-chain-couple-34761We learned some valuable insight from some very wise and experienced educators over the last few weeks, and we were pleasantly surprised that one key point was emphasized by all of them. 

During our Building Faculty Engagement and Servant Leadership for Educators workshops that we led over the last few weeks, we had the privilege of meeting and learning from some very wise educators. Each had over 40 years of experience in the classroom and in school leadership roles. 

I was surprised that during separate conversations with each of them, an unsolicited common thread was expressed as the secret to school leadership success: Effective Communication Habits

Over the years they all had enjoyed working with some great leaders and endured the agony of some poor leaders. Though the types of schools they had worked in varied widely (across public and private ed) as did the locations (some all in one school and some in numerous schools around the world), their conclusion was the same.

They all said the best leaders know how to communicate to build trust and engagement with their employees.

Education Leadership is still a human endeavor that is best achieved with a strong capacity to build relationships. 

That's why communication is one of two vital processes that cannot be completely delegated by the Superintendent/Head of School. Relationships with faculty, families, fans in the community is core to their success and requires deliberate planning and management. 

Q: Do you have a communication protocol that defines a disciplined process for sharing information and using media?


Not having a planned Sequence, Frequence, and Flow for your communications across the year is an unnecessary risk that may cause your stakeholders to pay less attention to your messages and have lower levels of trust when you have to share difficult messages.

This month we're sharing a four-part webinar series on how to define your communication protocol. If you enroll soon, you'll have access to both the live and recorded versions of each session. The introductory session is free, so join us as we work through drafting an effective communication protocol. 

Don't miss this opportunity to create a Communication Protocol for Maximum Engagement.

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