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The Laws of the Grapevine for Schools
Your communication habits are the single most important predictor of your success. Extensive research and your own experience proves it. This class will teach you how to build a high performing team and a leadership culture to achieve greatness. Through this 5-part class participants will learn how to:

* Improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships
* Increase word-of-mouth marketing
* Raise the level of trust and loyalty
* Build morale and engagement
* Maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of social media and email

Supervisory Coaching & Mentoring for Optimal Results 
This workshop is designed to equip school leaders who have supervisory responsibilities. We provide guidance on effectively conducting difficult conversations, how to design and implement a Performance Rubric, and how to cultivate a better employee culture through frequency and engagement. Key topics include: Organizational & Leadership Beliefs, Achieving Maximum Motivation, Measuring Desired Results, Optimizing Team Performance, Strategic Talent Development, and Effectively Managing Difficult Conversations.

Innovative Fundraising Strategies 
Want to raise more money? Discover why people will give exponentially more to a shared vision than to need, and how to craft a compelling narrative that can be shared easily in a motivating way. We will help your team be even better prepared to demonstrate how the school is applying the best practices of entrepreneurship to accelerate the process of school improvement with clear return on investment. That’s what Parents, Philanthropists, and Foundations are craving.

Board Leadership to Achieve School Growth
Habits of a Sustaining Board provides training to expand the leadership capacity of the school board. This program can be presented as a retreat format that builds collaboration and governance expertise. We highlight specific actions the board can take to achieve consistent growth, improve the board culture, and sustain long-term engagement with the chief administrator.

Public Speaking & Board Presentations 
This workshop is designed to train school administrators on improving their public speaking skills, including how to conduct more effective presentations to the school board. We look at best practices for preparation and storytelling, equipping your team to achieve the desired outcomes. Participants learn how to connect at a deeper level with their audience, delivering informative and motivating messages.

Effectively Dealing With Difficult People & Conversations 
Any and every leader inevitably has the challenge of dealing with difficult people. Whether an employee, a parent or student, a neighbor, or a stranger, being prepared with strategies that work provides a big advantage—including a little less stress and a lot less damage control. This workshop is designed to provide practical tools for responding rather than reacting in such circumstances, and will help participants find a path to resolution.

The Consultative Business Officer 
The business office of a school can and should be a vital part of improving performance and results. How can you make board members and administrators “raving fans” of the school’s business office? Knowing how to capture and keep their attention ensures the business office is appreciated and remains relevant. Participants will learn how to build deeper relationships throughout the school community, how to serve as an internal financial teacher and coach, methods for communicating effectively, and tips for crafting stories from the data.

Thriving Through Change
Thriving through periods of change requires courageous and skilled leaders. Whether you're considering subtle changes or a system wide overhaul, sustaining a high degree of trust and keeping faculty and staff engaged is what distinguishes the most effective educators. New “innovations” commonly make people feel uneasy and intimidated by the uncertainty of the future. You know why change is needed, but how do you: create a share sense of urgency, foster collaborative solutions, create and communicate a shared vision, and start achieving incremental wins that build new confidence, new habits, and a new culture? This workshop will instill an attitude and framework for overcoming obstacles that impede change and growth.

Enrollment Blitz
Enrollment is an institution‐wide responsibility, with the best results achieved when there is a disciplined approach that engages families for maximum re-enrollment and word-of-mouth marketing. Growth begins with enthusiastic leadership and families who share your beliefs and vision, and continues with a clearly defined target market, value proposition, and brand. This workshop guides the participants through the development of a strategy to build faculty and family engagement, and marketing methods to gain the attention of a larger percentage of applicants.


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