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Accelerated School Improvement Through Coaching

Posted by Scott Barron on Nov 25, 2014 8:58:53 AM
Scott Barron

Similar to successful business executives, more school administrators and board members are achieving accelerated school improvement through coaching. They are learning to rapidly overcoming the learning curve and navigate the challenges to reach higher performance and results.

When a School Growth coach works with a school's leadership the opportunities to create new and innovative strategies for improvement and growth abound. We enjoy hearing the enthusiasm of our coaches who look forward to the next phone call or video conference with these client schools because of the mutual learning and encouragement.

We find great joy in developing an entrepreneurial mindset among school leaders.

IMG_4100Glenn Getchell, a School Growth coach, has the privilege of working with several schools in various stages of growth. Some schools are working through fundraising campaigns, others redefining their operations model, and yet some others are working on growth strategies through more effective enrollment management, marketing and budgeting.

About his coaching role, Glenn shared: "Regardless of the area of growth, it is an incredible thrill to guide these dynamic school leaders to look within themselves and their school community to develop and implement plans that will bring rapid school improvement."

One client school calls the sessions with their School Growth coach the “G-force Meetings." We guided this school through the process of planning for the unification of two campuses into one, developed a marketing strategy for this initiative, and considered the financial implications of the plan. The powerful part of the coaching relationship is the bond that is formed through each session of collaboration, brainstorming, wisdom-sharing, and collegial engagement.

During this season of reflective thanksgiving, we are grateful for the privilege of assisting successful school leaders through the inevitable ups and downs of these roles. As difficult as some of the challenges have been, it serves the noble purpose of helping people discover their gifts and talents to change their lives and change the world.

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