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Board Academy Webinar: Performance Assessment

Posted by Grace Lee on Jun 17, 2013 5:08:00 PM

A recent survey determined that the #1 concern for school heads is how the school board assesses performance, and is also the most common source of pain and disagreement with their board.  I will be hosting a School Growth webinar series over the next two weeks entitled Board Academy: Performance Assessment That Motivates the Chief Administrator, to address questions such as: 

  • Is the school’s Chief Administrator doing an effective job?

  • What could be improved?

  • How does the board most effectively communicate feedback and expectation?

  • Is the board assessment process building on strengths or magnifying weaknesses?

This series will transform performance assessment from a headache to a differentiating strength for your school board. To register for a session, simply click the link in the session title. Here is a brief overview of each session:

June 20 - Session 1: Setting Leadership Goals That Matter

As a school board, what do you really want? Can you create a commonly agreed upon way to measure success so that the chief administrator knows how to win? The School Board will greatly enhance the effectiveness of its chief administrator by setting goals that matter, where there is consensus regarding the value that is created and the relevance to the role. The chief needs and wants goals that create focus, priorities, balance, and energy. At the end of this session, participants will understand how to set measurable goals that will grow the organization, how to gain agreement on the goals, and the best methods for communicating expectations. We will build a bridge from vision to incremental milestones that move toward that desired reality.

June 21 - Session 2: Interview with Steve Robinson

As a special feature of this series I will interview Steve Robinson, the Executive Director of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, who recently published a blog article entitled, “The Head Evaluation: Assessing Constructs.” This session will give a practical overview of and identify key issues related to performance assessment. We will discuss current trends in board/head relations, as well as risky practices and best practices. Early registrants for the other three sessions will receive a Google Hangout invitation for this live interview.

June 26 - Session 3: Data-Driven Performance Assessment

Data can and should be used throughout the year to provide indications of progress toward goals, support adjustments to the plan, and facilitate healthy communications and relationships. What data will be used to assess results? Who will collect and report on this data? How will and/or how should this information be shared with the school board, administration, and the rest of the school? Is a 360 degree review an effective data collection method? At the end of this session, participants will determine a timeline for data review related to goal progress, with agreement on the indicators that should be used to determine trends and outcomes. We will evaluate feedback frequency and methods, and analyze the appropriateness of goals and objectives.

June 27 - Session 4: Coaching for Ideal Results

Developing an effective coaching process that is motivating to achieve top performance is one of the most difficult, yet also one of the most important responsibilities for a school board. Developing clear goals and determining the proper data for assessment are vital steps in successful performance review, but those efforts can fall apart if proper feedback is not provided. In order to get the intended results of your performance assessment process, school leadership needs to provide intentional feedback. In this session, participants will learn the best method for providing feedback, the benefits and how-to of forming a Chief Support Group, as well as how to set a schedule for performance feedback.

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