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Board Training Summer 2015

Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 2, 2015 8:31:23 AM
Scott Barron

BGW 2015 CoverToday we begin a new webinar series entitled, Boards Gone Wild. This irreverent and humorous theme is used to highlight some of the roles that school board members can play that wreak havoc with the school's leadership and culture.

Rarely does a school or district outgrow the leadership capacity of its board. So professional development for school board members is critical to support effective execution throughout the organization.

A 2014 survey of voters by the Michigan Association of School Boards confirms the broad recognition of training needed for effective board performance. 74% of respondents said that "formal professional development instruction for school board members was either Essential or at least Very important.”

The high rate of turnover among the leadership of large urban public school districts and even small private schools also demonstrates the need for stronger commitment to board training. Since consistent leadership is clearly required to achieve greatness, how should the board adjust to support this outcome? What should be expected from the board and each member? What improvements can be made to reduce the high degree of stress and controversy common among school boards?

The roles featured in this series for board training include:

* The Trusted Confidant
* The HR Pro
* The Public Speaker
* The Ostrich
* The Godfather
* The Silencer
* The Randomizer
* The Agent
* The Maverick
* The Turnover Chef

We will tackle two roles on each of the five webinar episodes in June, then will follow up with an online workshop for new and experienced board members entitled, Effective Board Leadership to Achieve School Growth. This five-part class will set the tone for a much more productive year for your board by helping them understand the best practices of proper governance, how to build a strong board culture, and strategies for maximizing healthy engagement with the school's leadership and community.

Click Here to register for the June webinar series, Boards Gone Wild, delivered each Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET.

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