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The Consultative Business Officer is a Learner

Posted by Scott Barron on Mar 4, 2015 9:55:03 AM
Scott Barron

The Consultative Business Officer knows how to Tune In to the "channel" of his/her internal clients to optimize the performance of each. By reading and learning common language, current events, risks and opportunities, and trends and results, the CBO is prepared to build relationships and create solutions that truly further the mission.

CBO Tune InCommon Language

Educators have a language of their own. During a recent School Growth Workshop we asked the room full of participants, who were school board leaders from a variety of different business backgrounds, to identify a list words that are more frequently used throughout their day. Then we asked them to create a list of unique words that are common within the school environment. The second list was 300% longer. It was at this point the board leaders began to appreciate the communication challenges they often experience around school issues.

Common language is important to establish understanding and trust. Dale Carnegie knew this many decades ago when he said to, "Speak in terms of their interests," when trying to make people like you. The Consultative Business Officer invests the time to learn how to more effectively communicate with his/her administrators.

Suggested Reading

Education Week: It may be hard to keep up with a weekly newspaper like Ed Week, but it is a primary source for current school news--at least skim the headlines of each issue.

Harvard Education Review: This is another primary resource to learn about the trends and results in school design and improvement.

Marguerite Roza: Her Edunomics Lab and other publications provide unique research into education finance.

Tom Vander Ark: His Getting Smart blog provides insights from innovative ed leaders regarding what is and isn't working across a wide range of environments.

TNTP: Here the focus is on expanding access to high quality education to ALL students, so the perspectives gained through this site may challenge your views on the deeper issues of school and community design.

Ed Surge: One of the best resources for what is happening in digital learning and classroom innovation.

Local Education News: The events happening in the schools around your community are also important to your administrators and may influence your communication and financial strategies.

School Newsletters & Communications: If you don't receive these communications in advance, add your email address to the parent database so you can know what is being shared from each office of the school.

The Consultative Business Officer is a committed learner who knows the language and issues of school leaders, and is able to intelligently participate in the dialogue around school design.

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