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Data-Driven Performance Assessment

Posted by Grace Lee on Jun 25, 2013 5:24:00 PM


The school board can and should use data throughout the year to provide indications of progress toward established objectives, support adjustments to the plan, and facilitate healthy communications and relationships. What data will be used to assess results? Who will collect and report on this data? How will and/or how should this information be shared with the school board, administration, and the rest of the school? Is a 360 degree review an effective data collection method?  

There’s a “Black Box” between the board and the chief administrator regarding performance, inhibiting the chief from gaining the credibility he or she needs to become a true strategic partner with the board. Ultimately, the chief must have a persuasive story about what’s in that black box area to reveal a defensible process of value creation.


Key Points:

  • The board wants a chief administrator that is motivated, is accountable for desired results, and is growing the school. 
  • How the board approaches the performance assessment process depends on the board's stage of development.
    The Organizing Board: How will the chief help us survive?
    The Managing Board: How do we keep the chief in check?
    The Governing Board: How do we support the chief to creat mission value?
    The Sustaining Board: How do we guarantee the mission with structure and stability?
  • Does the data being collected improve decision making?
  • Does the data focus on those aspects of the school that create real value?
  • Does the data provide valid justification for allocating resources?

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