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Favorite iPad & iPhone Apps

Posted by Grace Lee on Jan 15, 2013 2:38:00 PM

The iPad and iPhone have made a significant improvement in the content I am able to produce (speed and quality) and the rapid response time to clients. There are still a few things that require me to use a laptop, like creating blog entries on Hubspot, but the gap is narrowing. I now own several hundred mobile apps, but with the bargain shopping apps most of my collection were purchased while on sale or free.

Below are the apps I use the most:

  • StumbleUpon (Web explorer for new ideas and content)
  • ProInsignts (LinkedIn Analysis and Infographic of Connections)
  • Lifecards (Creative electronic postcards)
  • Vonage (Voice calls national & international. Can call Korea for free!)
  • Skype (Text, voice, and video communications--national & international)
  • Mint (Personal financial management)
  • mSecure (Secure storage of password & codes)
  • Diptic (Picture formatting)
  • iThoughts (Mind mapping)
  • Auditorium (Note taking and audio recording)
  • Hootsuite (Posting updates to social media sites)
  • Videoscribe (Create unique videos)
  • Waze (Navigation with social media features)

For entertainment and shopping, I like the following apps:

Pacemaker apps cartoon


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