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Posted by Scott Barron on May 19, 2015 12:14:26 PM
Scott Barron

Engage Your CommunityEnrollment Blitz is the School Growth webinar theme for May, as most schools look for ways to grow enrollment over the summer months. Knowing how to strategically and efficiently connect with your target market is the key. Like everyone else, you have limited time and money, so you can't afford to use a "scatter shot approach" that lacks focus and tangible returns.

Target Market and Value Proposition are two primary components of the School Growth Lab, and its where participants seem to have the most Aha Moments. Understanding and refining these two areas of your school design will have a huge impact on your marketing, instructional strategies, communications, and other strategic decisions.

Target Market

How well do you know the families in your target market and how can you engage them with your messages? How can you continuously learn by collecting data and feedback?

- Where do they live?
- Where do they work?
- What do they read?
- What keeps them up at night?
- What are their hobbies and other interests?
- Who influences their decisions, especially regarding education?

The deeper your knowledge of the parents and students in your target market, the more focused you will be in your marketing and in the design of your educational services. Quit assuming that you know everything about them. Analyze the data in your information systems and that is available from other sources (e.g., Census Bureau, National Center for Education Statistics, public corporate filings, publications, etc.) to gain greater insight about your community and avoid the downfalls of confirmation bias.

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is a collective statement that explains the compelling benefits you provide for your target market. The more your target market desires your combination of value, the more likely you are to grow—enrollment and fundraising.

Defining your value proposition involves telling people why you exist, the combination of services that you offer, the key features, advantages, and benefits (FABs) and why you’re the best in the world at delivering those qualities to your target market.

Developing a highly desired value proposition makes it easier for you to attract new families and it establishes the core narrative around which to build your enrollment strategy. It also gives your board, administration, faculty, parents, students, and community a consistent way to talk about your school(s).

The School Growth Webinar series, "Enrollment Blitz," continues today at 2:00 PM ET. Join us for this free online professional development experience that will help you accelerate your school improvement.

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