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ISTE 2014 Conference Survey

Posted by Scott Barron on Jul 14, 2014 9:01:56 AM
Scott Barron

The School Growth ISTE 2014 Conference Survey was conducted a few weeks ago in Atlanta. This was a huge demonstration of educational technology and included some cutting edge solutions that may have a big impact. Dwarfed in the size and scope of the Expo area were some very interesting tools that we think have great potential.

SG ISTE SurveyMost of the seminars we listened in on advocated some form of blended learning, yet used traditional direct instruction to deliver their presentations. Doesn't make sense does it? Why not practice the model being advocated with the type of student-centered methods that could have the biggest impact?

ISTE Expo Survey

In the Expo are of the ISTE Conference we conducted an unscientific yet informative of the people who were touting their wares. Since they are actively involved in selling to schools and generally work with school administrators across the U.S., we wanted to know what that experience is like and more about their collective evaluation of school and board leadership. Below are the questions and results.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall quality of the schools you serve?

Average Score: 6.8

Based on your experience, what is it like selling to schools? (1 to 10)

Average Score: 4.4

How would you rate the speed at which schools are improving? (1 to 10)

Average Score: 5.6

What is one suggestion you would like to make to school leaders?

"Embrace technology"
"Focus on infrastructure and teacher quality"
"Act now, choose your vendor parters, and do something. Traditional RFP's are a waste of time."
"Priority should be on talent selection and quality of professional development."
"Improve the procurement process."
"Tell us what you want!"
"Connect with vendor partners who can provide a total solution."


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