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Posted by Scott Barron on Dec 2, 2015 4:48:02 PM
Scott Barron

What evidence would you look for in a school where the leader says:
"Our people are our greatest asset."

Hand LightA few months ago we received a call from one of the best human resources directors in education because she was searching for a professional development program on managing difficult people and conversations. Her school had gone through some challenging situations that required courageous leadership to successfully navigate through the danger zones. She knew that with the right training and skills, the administrative team would be better prepared to make the best decisions to guide the organization forward.

After reviewing the background information and gaining a clear understanding about the mission, culture, people and strategies of the school, we prepared a customized program that would equip the administrators to:

* Clarify the School Culture
Organizational & Leadership Beliefs, Fostering Autonomy, Developing Mastery, Cultivating Purpose
* Improve Coaching & Mentoring
Create a Performance Rubric that produces energy, engagement, and exploration
* Develop a Talent Strategy
How to maximize the Talent Quotient by Recruiting Well, Hiring Well and Firing Well
* Prepare for Difficult Supervisory Scenarios
How to provide feedback to an underperforming employee, Managing a violation of confidentiality, Responding to inappropriate behavior, Managing conflicts of interest, and Dealing with difficult people

We delivered this training on-campus with about fifteen administrators. Using an active learning format, they worked through the curriculum using whole group instruction combined with small group working sessions to produce powerful insights and reflect on best practices for leadership and talent development. By the end of this full day session we were all tired, but at the same time there was an energy and enthusiasm for putting these skills into practice.

This week we received a card from the HR director that expressed her deep appreciation for the program that School Growth delivered:

"Thank you for the workshop you facilitated. You were a joy to work with and consensus was that it was well worth it. The head administrator's text to me was 'Huge Win!'

Frankly, our budget was tight so I was a little panicked about the value proposition--you did not disappoint! Most importantly, though, your style and delivery was genuine and you were very successful at understanding our climate and environment. Thank you!"

What a joy and a blessing to work with such talented leaders, where they have the commitment and the humility to collaborate together to improve the quality of schools. We are thankful for the opportunity to connect with and inspire educators who are dedicated to being the best they can be within a learning organization that is always seeking to grow. One of our core beliefs at School Growth is,

The leadership capacity of school boards and administrators determines the future of children and society.

When we encounter leaders like these, our hope is strengthened that the future is brighter than some might think. Many say that their people are their "greatest asset," and this school delivers on that statement by investing the resources for training and development that improve performance.

Being able to provide workshops, labs, and retreats to board members, administrators, faculty, and staff is a privilege that we thoroughly enjoy. When you get to use your unique genius to deliver professional development that changes lives, that's a job worth doing!

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