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Cantor's Loss Illustrates the Ridicule of Principals and Professors

Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 23, 2014 3:23:04 AM
Scott Barron

In an era of hyper-sensitivity to slurs and insults, where is the outrage in defense of educators? The public ridicule of principals and professors has damaging consequences for those willing to provide administrative and lecture hall leadership. It's time for some town hall meetings, some sit-ins, some rally speeches!

Have you ever stopped to consider the images portrayed in movies about school principals?Movie Principals

- Ed Rooney, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

- Mr. Hancock, Forrest Gump

- Mr. Strickland, Back to the Future

- Richard Vernon, The Breakfast Club

Have you ever wanted your son or daughter to grow up like one of these characters? See any heroes here?

Colleges professors generally get the same treatment, and not only in the movies.

In a real life example of the contempt for educators, consider the media stories about the upset of Eric Cantor in Virginia. Incumbent and House Majority Leader Cantor recently lost the Republican primary race to challenger Dave Brat. This was considered a stunning upset because Brat is an economics professor who wasn't supposed to be even close to the more experienced and heavily financed Cantor. But Brat won 56% of the vote, compared with 44% for Cantor. The college professor opened up a can of Whoopin' that is likely to have ripple effects in other races this fall.

The story lines across the country repeatedly asked: How could a political neophyte college professor beat the guy who was prepared to potentially challenge for Speaker of the House? It wasn't just that Cantor lost--he lost to a college professor, implying, "Could it be any worse?!?"

Brat proved the professor isn't so nutty! And with so many potential tag lines with "Brat" as the last name, the campaign is revving up for the fall challenge. Guess who Brat will face in the November election: Democrat Jack Trammel, also a college professor.

Oh the irony...

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