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Stand Out by Creating a Distinctive Value Proposition

Posted by Scott Barron on Jul 30, 2014 9:07:01 AM
Scott Barron

As you're crafting your school design consider ways to stand out by creating a distinctive value proposition. No matter the size of your program, you can construct an effective innovation strategy that enables you to more quickly and economically offer a new combination of services in your market than the other schools around you.

Understanding the dynamic growth options available may help you. Think in terms of creating Pic The Old Schoola strategy that is built around your strengths as a leader and those of your organization, then persistently work to find ways to maximize your world-class expertise and the ways you can create revenue streams from it.

Offer a Personalized Portfolio

One place to start is by offering families a highly personalized portfolio and evaluation of each student, giving them a clear understanding of their aptitude, progress, and growth suggestions. You have access to lots of important information about your students, but you lack a cohesive and constructive way to share this valuable data.

Give them easy access to accurate, independent, and consistent documentation about the student that is not available from any other source. The focus should be on solutions-based messages rather than predicting the future. Provide clear advise to any challenges that can be anticipated or have been experienced, helping them see a path forward. Be the best education and life guru in their lives.

Offer a Solution Others Cannot

Due to regulation, school culture, lack of leadership, etc., the schools with whom you compete have limitations that inhibit their services. This makes it difficult for them to organize solutions that might ultimately be very beneficial to your market. What a great opportunity for you to step forward with a sustainable new solution. Make use of your nimble, innovative team to do what they can't.

Set the New Standard

By defining a new standard of quality or service, you force the other schools to follow your lead. This is where your ability to connect the dots is a huge benefit! The new school designs that are changing the education market don't have to be created by startup charter and private schools. Go outside of your historical brand and traditional designs to innovate and improve. The families and investors in your community are desperate for some new education vision!

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