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Upcoming Webinars and Events: Board Bootcamp Series

Posted by Grace Lee on Jul 11, 2013 12:38:00 PM

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School Growth has a new events page! Take a look to view upcoming conferences and webinars. We will keep the page up to date with all our webinars and events, so make sure to check back often.  This month's webinars are all about School Boards. 


Board Bootcamp Series:

Training new board members is one of the most important professional development responsibilities for the Board because it sets the tone and helps to begin their tenure with appropriate expectations, roles, and responsibilities. 

The 3 core responsibilities of a Board are establishing vision, viability, and visibility while balancing the boundaries of Board leadership and understanding the best practices of governance within these 3 areas. 

July 15: Board Bootcamp: Vision - Do We Know Where We are Going?

Every school must establish a purpose, have a mission, and make sure that the mission is protected in all decisions. Establishing clear objectives for the Board to achieve as well as the Head of School is an important part of roles and responsibilities to achieving overall success of the school. Knowing how to create the unique story about the school in regards to history, where we are, and finally where we want to go. 

July 25: Board Bootcamp: Viability - Do We Know How to Get There?

Every Board has specific fiduciary or financial and legal responsibilities that they are accountable for. Fiduciary responsibilities include rules and results that we look for to produce overall health of the school. We want to make sure that the school has sustainability as well as scalability for growth. All structures, finances, people, processes, and systems must be in place and are required to obtain long term viability.

July 30: Board Bootcamp: Visibility - Do We Have Presence? 

For a school to be successful, they must be seen and heard. Building a brand, knowing where our markets are, communicating well with them, and establishing results that would be engaging and motivating with that target market of families, as well as donors, and other partners. A Board’s responsibility is making sure that it not only has a plan for visibility, but also making sure that the Board is contributing to that visibility. You don’t want to be the best kept secret in town. 

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