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Scott Barron
Scott E. Barron is the founder of Yabwi. As entrepreneur, author, and educator, his passion is helping people and organizations achieve greater purpose and joy.
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Are We Supposed to be Thoughtful or Busy?

Posted by Scott Barron on May 28, 2020 8:27:25 AM

"Are we supposed to be thoughtful or busy?"
That important question was asked by a board member at a recent Leadership Retreat we facilitated. Balancing activity with mindfulness will always be a challenge for school leaders, especially in times of such overwhelming change and fierce competition. 

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Administrators with Military Service Growing Schools

Posted by Scott Barron on May 25, 2020 9:54:00 AM

School administrators come from different professional backgrounds: Some from the classroom, some from business, some from military service, etc.

This week we celebrate two post-military service leaders who have distinguished themselves with success in growing schools into places where teachers and students can thrive.

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Board Evaluation of School Leadership in 2020

Posted by Scott Barron on May 11, 2020 3:59:51 PM

What questions should the board use to evaluate the school's leadership in 2020, especially in light of the current societal and economic disruptions caused by the pandemic? That's an inquiry we received last week that is important for all schools to consider.

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Tags: Board Assessment, School Board

How Well Do You Know Your Target Market?

Posted by Scott Barron on May 6, 2020 11:17:04 AM

What do you know about your target market of families? Everyone has a confirmation bias that clouds objectivity and the ability to genuinely listen. Cognitive bias isn't new, but it can be a huge barrier to your ability to innovate and grow enrollment in this emerging economy. 

(See Special Offer Enrollment Growth Plan PowerPack 2020 to advance your target market genius and admissions results)

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Your Culture is Reflected in Your Pattern of Communication

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 27, 2020 8:54:45 AM

As an avid reader of the School Growth blog for many years, I thought that having Scott Barron speak at our annual board retreat would be an excellent way to inspire and challenge our board. We had no idea how fortuitous that training would be, especially what we learned about the Laws of the Grapevine, with the devastating events that unfolded over the next couple of days. 

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Tags: Communication, Leadership, Laws of the Grapevine, Leadership Retreat

Communication Impacts Growth

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 21, 2020 8:58:18 AM

We're hosting the third and final webinar today on FLOW
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During leadership retreats and association events over the last few years we facilitated a self-assessment of Organizational Health. Over 90% of these leaders identified Communication to be the discipline that needs the most improvement in order to grow. 

This is especially true in the midst of the uncertainty in our world today. Sustaining culture and relationships is PRIORITY #1, and that requires an even stronger commitment to the communication habits of SEQUENCE, FREQUENCE, and FLOW. 

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Tags: Communication, Leadership, Laws of the Grapevine

The Power of the Grapevine--Part 2

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 20, 2020 4:45:15 PM

(Continued from previous blog article)

I was in the stands cheering at that middle school game, but left shortly thereafter to attend another school event. So I didn't hear the coach's pronouncement about the players and cheerleaders wearing their game uniforms to school on Monday. 

And I underestimated the consequences of failing to train volunteers on our communication protocol that was designed to prevent the eruption that was about to happen.

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Tags: Communication, Leadership, Laws of the Grapevine

The Power of the Grapevine

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 20, 2020 8:28:26 AM

It took me by surprise I must say
When I found out yesterday
Don't you know that I heard it through the grapevine
Not much longer would you be mine

Remember the last time you felt that pain--the embarrassment of hearing news through the grapevine that should have been shared with you directly. That's a feeling that doesn't go away easily. 

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Tags: Communication, Leadership, Laws of the Grapevine

What Will You Accomplish by June 30?

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 16, 2020 11:43:53 AM

What will you accomplish by June 30 that would advance the quality and sustainability of your school? That's the question your leadership and board should be prepared to answer ASAP!

Free Webinar on how to create a 90-Day Crisis Response Plan


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Tags: Leadership, Leadership Resiliency, Growth Plan

Anchors Away to Navy Careers from Miss Communication

Posted by Scott Barron on Apr 14, 2020 10:04:59 AM

Last week two career military leaders in the Navy were involved in a "miss communication" fiasco that resulted in painful career and relationship disasters for them both. These were avoidable circumstances that could have gone very differently had they understood The Laws of the Grapevine and practiced the discipline of Sequence.

The speed and accessibility of communication media today requires a new set of leadership disciplines, especially for educators. Hopefully  you can learn from these situations in order to avoid the devastating consequences.

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Tags: Communication, Laws of the Grapevine

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