Overcoming the Frustrations of Mad Marketing "Genius"

Posted by Scott Barron on Mar 7, 2020 4:10:15 PM

The marketing meeting with reps from the agency began with a presentation of promotional activities over the last six months. Slide after slide had fancy graphs illustrating the increased number of clicks, followers, and friends who were "exposed" to the ads of the schools.

But the biggest problem wan't being addressed: Enrollment inquiries were unchanged! All the jargon was a smoke screen to cover up the failure of their mad marketing "genius."

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The Danger of School Vanity Metrics

Posted by Scott Barron on Oct 10, 2019 7:52:51 AM

Schools are notorious for promoting vanity metrics such as a list of "prestigious" universities to which graduates have been accepted, the total dollar amount of college scholarships (a most dubious number), and standardized test scores.

Vanity metrics aren’t totally useless, but they do pose a danger to school leadership and to families who are trying to make the best education decision.

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Is Your Website an Asset or a Liability for Recruiting Students?

Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 22, 2018 7:28:00 AM

Your school website is the second most important factor (faculty quality and engagement is at the top of that list) in building your brand and enrollment. To be most effective, though, It needs to tell your story in a compelling way, have a clear and consistent call to action, and provide convenient ways to start the relationship. 

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Designing and Launching Our New Website

Posted by Scott Barron on Jun 1, 2018 10:37:01 AM

The new was launched last month. Using an intentional storytelling and branding approach, we designed these pages to reflect who we are as a company and why we do what we do.  Our core values aren't just published on the site--they serve as the framework for every page. 

Our team used specific guidelines to shape the design, and you may find these helpful as you consider the next iteration of your website and/or marketing strategy.

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